Learn More about Dark and Sunken Skin Appearance around the Eyes

11 Oct

The eyes are special parts of the body. It is the eyes that help us to the beauty and the good things around as well as anything that is visible. However, the appearance of our eyes and the area around the eyes can speak volumes. Some people, however, become concerned about the appearance of their eyes or the skin around their eyes. This can raise self-consciousness for such people.

As a matter of fact, dark under eyes and hollow under eyes will affect your appearance. Since the skin around the eyes is usually the thinnest on the face, it often shows the first signs of aging. As people age, the skin loses its elasticity. Over time, fat deposits are depleted and production of collagen drops. As a result, the aging skin becomes loose. This may be one cause of sagging under eyes.

While aging is one of the causes of sunken eyes, there are other causes as well such as lack of enough rest. With people becoming busier, getting enough rest has become an issue.  This has led to poor-quality sleep. Actually, the lack of restful sleep will affect your appearance. Your eyes can appear sunken and tired.  

On the other hand, dark circles under eyes may arise due to sun exposure. This is because the body produces melanin when exposed to the sun, which darkens the skin. The dark circles look like shadows giving the eyes a hollowed appearance. Read more tips on dealing with dark circles under eyes or hallowing under eyes.

Although aging happens naturally, it is still possible to achieve a youthful skin. Actually, the appearance of your eyes can be a quick way to tell you are aging. While not everyone wants that old appearance, some people have no problem with it. However, there are various ways of achieving a youthful complexion. Apart from the surgical methods, there are non-invasive options as well. These non-invasive treatments help to tighten the skin and lift the skin around the eyes.

One of the non-invasive treatment options is the use of dermal fillers. If you don't want the appearance of tired eyes dermal fillers may offer the solution. When used around the eyes, you get a refreshed and a youthful look. These fillers are, however, safe and effective.

The fillers are effective at reducing eye bags that may be caused by loss of volume around the eyes or sagging. Actually, the filler molds the surrounding tissues well. This would, in turn, provide a youthful appearance. However, ensure the person offering the treatment is a professional as well as licensed. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/06/20/how-to-get-rid-of-under-eye-bags-dark-circles_n_7619912.html.

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